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Hey there! Welcome to my profile! Here, you can learn all about me! I'm an aspiring voice actor who wishes to hopefully become a professional! Anyways, here's what you might want to know.

Where it all started:
I started voice acting when someone I knew announced that he would be starting a new series on his channel (He's a Roblox Stop Motion Animator). And Later announced that it would be having voice acting. Eager to help him out, I made an account here, bought a microphone, and got to auditioning! And believe it or not, I got a part! I'll put a link to the first episode here: I know it doesn't sound that good, but that's mainly because I didn't have a pop filter at the time AND I didn't know how to use Audacity correctly.

Real Name:
My real name, for those who are THAT curious, is Sean. Nice to meet ya!

16. Though I'd be happily willing to try out for characters who may be slightly older or younger. In case you wanna know, yes, I am comfortable with swearing just as long as you don't overdo it. 

My strengths: I can easily do an edgy teen voice or anything edgy, really. I could also do a deep voice for slightly older roles. I am also capable of doing really shy characters mainly because I'm sorta like that in real life.

My weaknesses: I can sometimes have difficulties trying to do a convincing cry. Most other emotions I can do easily, but crying is something I need to work on.

How long have I been voice acting?
I started back in April of 2017 and I'm not gonna stop anytime soon!

Have a project you want me in?
Feel free to message me here! Or you could also shoot an email to [redacted]

Social Media:
Twitter: @GreatGooberVA
Discord: graetgooberROCK135#6016
Skype: Sean Flaherty (graetgooberROCK135)

Also, I just wanna thank SkyeBear for always being there for me even when she doesn't realize it. She is easily my biggest inspiration. Before I knew about her, I just saw voice acting as a hobby. But thanks to her, my dream has been realized. And if Skye herself ever sees this (though she probably won't), thank you for being who you are. You are making dreams come true. Including mine. I truly hope to be up there with you as one of the greats. Thank you so much...


Now that I finally have a Paypal account, I am finally starting to take payment! You can pay me through here: Though of course, I could also send the link to you personally. But if you wanna donate to me and my career, I would appreciate it greatly :3


Star Lux- The Star Orb (Evil The Wizard)

DoctorWhoGirl 27 - GoldenOak's Secrets (Lucas)

AnimeDubs4Life - Skyfell: A Smash Bros Story (Taki)

Taiga - Say It (Liam Silho)

DoSpoon - The Alphas (Zeke)

Tobias Wilson - Love Strikes Again - Yandere Simulator Parody (Kyo Matako)

iPodgirl206 - Cursed (Shadow) AND Survivor (Malachi)


"I'd like to say first things first, you did a lot better than I expected." - Star Lux

"Your voice is perfect." - ScottDoesYT

"You were amazing!" - lunachan2003

Casting Calls and Auditons

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