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The Most Annoyingly Versatile Man in the World. 

Dean is a professional Voice Artist with several years experience in many different areas. He has worked in Radio, Theater, Television, and Film on one way or another, and has been playing with his voice since he was seven.

These days, Dean strives to provide his VO clientele with a colorful range of vocal offerings, professionally recorded in his home studio, along with a pleasant and upbeat demeanor and easy directability. Combined with a fast turnaround time, he is able to assist his client in realizing their creative vision. 

His demos can be heard at



Little Man in a Cup Productions


“Dean has completely reprogrammed how my brain hears Mayor Cole. During production, Dean’s always been reliable and enthusiastic, more happy to encourage and carouse with the other members of our cast. I have enjoyed every minute working with this guy. Such a warm and positive addition to our little band of voice actors! Thank you for setting the tone and mood as the very first voice in the production, Dean. You really set the bar high!” – Angela McCain, Director “Fables Radio”

“Dean was incredibly pleasant and professional to work with. Giving fantastic performances and being incredibly prompt with sending over work. I look forward to future collaborations with Dean. A great talent and addition to whatever he takes on.”  – Ronnie Brodie, STATIC, Little Man in a Cup Prods.

“I found it a pleasure to work with Dean. He has a very pleasant and professional approach. As a student, I really appreciated his patience and perseverance in fulfilling my request. I look forward to working with Dean in the future, as I’m sure will many of my fellow students.”  -Pat Clancy, B.A. Animation and Motion Design, LSAD, Limerick, Ireland

“Dean produces a quality sound and an efficient turn-around time. He is very professional with his work and the quality of his product shows for it.” -Zach Walz, Dir., William Shakespeare’s Star Wars – Verily, a New Hope

Casting Calls and Auditons

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