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My name is Robyn McConnell, I've been a professional voice actor for a few years now with roles ranging from voice over adverts to animated cartoons on YouTube.

I myself am a trans woman working on my voice, currently for the sake of sounding more feminine but that won't stop me from being able to do more masculine voices on a professional level, so if anything I'm just broadening my skills and options for auditions.

Message me for e-mail details.


If you're working on a small non profit project and want a line or two from me I'll happily do it for free.

If however you want a 15 page screenplay narrated to you within a week, well we're going to have to haggle something out.

The price for my services will depend on your situation, and will be completely negotiable.


James Barkley (AnimatedJames)

Greg McMahon (GregZillaGT)

Jack Egleton (BaptismOnFire)

Reece Bridger

The Unusual Suspect

Greyson Gibson

Jack Travis (CarnageCrab)



Channel Frederator

The Leaderboard

Cartoon Hangover

JM Productions


Obsidian Wasp


Nicola Yeo (Pikalolz) 



"Robyn is fast, she is talented, and casting her is an immediate guarantee that you'll be satisfied with what you get. She's a great conversationalist, too! Cast her and you won't regret it!"

- Reece Bridger

"Robyn is a highly professional and talented voice actress, she can deliver an excellent performance with a wide range of emotions. Her work is of a professional quality, quickly delivered and perfect for many projects. She brought my script to life whilst also being an absolute pleasure to work with! Couldn't recommend casting her any more!"

- Jack Egleton (BaptismOnFire)

"I have hired Robyn for previous projects, such as narration for my personal documentary “A Boy Called Matthew” and dubbing for a short film called “Fire In The Snow”. Robyn has been a pleasure to work with and has a very professional work ethic. When working on projects, Robyn took direction very well and always produced a great performance based on the requirements and demands that I made for each project."

- Matthew Richardson

"Robyn McConnell aka CubixFails has worked with me on several projects since 2011, providing amazing voice acting work ranging from speaking to singing. Such projects include Seniors-Cancer Crusaders and C STUDENTS-Pilot, both of which she did a notably phenomenal job, showing both how emotive she is behind a mic, and how professional she is with staying true to time limits on recording her lines. She's always been the most consistent vocal artist I've worked with. And in making a voice acting demo reel, She showed off her wide range of accents, and vocal abilities, fluent in both female and male characters. I'd recommend her to anyone who's looking for a voice actress who is just as professional as she is talented. And I'd recommend her for either female or male roles."

- James Barkley (AnimatedJames)

"Robyn has consistently supported  me with voice over work. Her diverse vocal range means she's been a perfect fit for a variation of my projects. She's polite, quick to reply and always ready to work on something creative."

- Jack Travis (CarnageCrab)

Casting Calls and Auditons

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