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Prewriting Essentials for Academic Essay Writing

The prewriting process is crucial to the essay writer process. Without a proper prewriting process to follow the essay writer might falter in a part of the essay. Many frustrated at their bad performing essays fail to realize that the fault is in their prewriting process.

There are many variants in the pre-writing methods that students employ. They arrive at one they find most useful by their experience and in accordance with the quality output of the essay. You should too probe into various techniques before finding the methods that suit you. So instead of going for others and asking: “can you write my essay,” you can change and rework your prewriting regime and work towards writing your own essay.

Start Early

Time management is an important part of acing an essay. Without a proper plan to allocate your time for each essay part, you will always feel you have come short in your essay. 

You should start the research ahead of time and get acquainted with the topic at hand. Unlike literature reviews, you are expected to come up with information that you can work with, not just how the information came to be. However, it is insightful to know the prevalent schools of thought on your subjects, something that you can use in your essay.

An early start will depend on the essay you are writing. For a college essay, most people start their personal essays three to four months before the deadlines. Essay writing service are worked and improved throughout the year, while essays for assignments and coursework should be started at least a week before the deadline.

Understanding the essay prompt

First and foremost you are tasked at getting the essay prompt right, else if you get this wrong your whole essay will be nullified. You should analyze the prompt and separate it into various parts such as the main subject, the salient argument, sub-arguments, and subtopics. You should highlight for yourself the concept and ideas that are mentioned or hinted at in the prompt, Such that you orient yourself towards the field of study the prompt is targetting.

You should then look for ways that you can approach the essay prompt, dissecting it into parts, and dry-running the various approaches to them in your head. You will by then come up with the various assumptions that have been made in the prompt and will look for ways to challenge them.

Some writers have the habit of paraphrasing the essay prompt while trying to conserve its meaning. The college essay prompt makes the task of the essay easier while letting us know that we have understood the prompt and that we can move onto the next parts.


With the information and the knowledge about the topic at hand, you will put your thought processes on paper. Brainstorming can be an enjoyable task if you find your right fit for yourself. Techniques such as listing and mind mapping help you put your ideas and information in an information bubble that you can arrange, interlink, and expand to your liking. This spatial representation of information frees up your mind to propose insightful analysis and evaluations. 

Another technique is that of journaling. It is when you note down ideas as they come during the passive phase of your brain activity. These epiphanies are usually insightful and can add significance to the essay. Starting early and keeping a notebook with you at all times is essential for this method.

Create an Outline

With the ideas and information put on the paper in a rough format, it is now time for you to create your essay outline. You can use the brainstorming maps to look for relationships between parts or judge their centrality to answering the prompt. This information can then be used to structure the response for the college essay help: the main arguments or claims, the evidence, and the analysis. 

Only after the outline is complete will you move onto the actual writing.

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