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Voice Actor
  • Skills
    Singing and Writing
  • Genders
    Female/ young male
  • Languages
    Japanese music and hiragana scripts
  • Ages
  • Accents
    a somewhat decent English accent
    North American
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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

I'm bblackroses (Or just call me "Rose" or "Hayley" lol) and I've been into voice acting for a few years now!

My voice range is that of an average voice actress: cute lolis to raspy emo chicks.

PM me for contact details, and if you want me to audition for something, don't be shy!

I may not always say yes though ^!

Anyway, I look forward to being in future projects with the friends I've made here!


I go for paid AND non paid projects, but mostly the latter.


  1. Voice Acting-Free (almost completely in order and doesn’t count projects that died)

    1. (tomokotheultimateangel) Danganronpa: The Monochromatic Battle- as Kozue Oka

    2. (mikantsumikiwi) Danganpocalypse- as Aiko Umesawa, Sayaka Maizono, Back-up Mikan Tsumiki

    3. (louis the white wolf) Dangan Ronpa 3: The End Of Hope’s Peak High School Future Arc And Despair Arc English Fan Dub- as Ibuki Mioda, Ruruka Andou, Chisa Yukizome

    4. (gianttabby) Dangan Ronpa 2 [Free Time Events Fandub]- as Mahiru Koizumi

    5. (spaceyqueeny) Danganronpa: Battle Royale Visual Novel- as Brynja Saito

    6. (labrat va) Danganronpa 3 Abridged (Despair Arc)- as Mikan Tsumiki

    7. (theflamingseeker) TMC: The Masuko Chronicles- as Yukari Astria, Shirihata Minami

    8. (sonicotakusng) Tsinko's Misfortune (Original Story) Audiobook/Play- as Sopheria

    9. (Enervar2012) Danganronpa/Zero Fan Dub- as Mukuro Ikusaba

    10. (TheBasicDubs) Sdr1 Dangan Ronpa 1 Fandub- as Touko Fukawa,

    11. Genocider Syo, Junko Enoshima (Normal Personality)

    12. (lab rat va) Danganronpa 3 Abridged (Future Arc)- as Monomi/Usami

    13. (Pariah) Danganronpa V3: Everyone's New Semester Of Killing Fandub- as Tenko Chabashira

    14. (Itspw) Puella Magi Madoka Magica Abridged- as Hitomi Shizuki

    15. (AzurePhoenix) Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE English Fandub- as Tiki

    16. (jet gray) Consciousness a Danganronpa Fanfic- as Mahiru Koizumi

    17. (imfun_iswear + moist33) Danganrebirth-voices- as Narumi Osone

    18. (drfluffvoices) Dr Fluffvoices Danganronpa Fluff Va Blog- as Ibuki Mioda, Komaru Naegi, Ruruka Andou

    19. (kohxru) Ask Ndrv3 Voices- as Miu Iruma

    20. (internally_despair-ifed) Danganronpa Cage of Madness- as Ameni Cyran

    21. (tmfilly) The World God Only Knows Ii Abridged- as Tenri Ayukawa/Diana

    22. (PonderPockets) Dangan Ronpa V3 ★ Fluff Voices- as Angie Yonaga

    23. (cherrydreams) Danganronpa 4 Fanmade Game- Eliza Starling

    24. (PresidentLeon) Danganronpa Re:Birth Ask Blog!- as Narumi Osone

    25. (SHSLHope) Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc - The Musical!- as Kyoko Kirigiri {i didnt know where to put this cuz i didnt wanna put it with my singing chorus group things so here it goes}

    26. (moist33) Danganronpa V3 Objection Fandub! -as Angie Yonaga

    27. (sword of swords) Super Danganronpa Another 2 The Official English Localization- as Hibiki Otonokoji

    28. (Ligh1d0rk) Chivalry of a Failed Knight Abridged- as Stella Vermillion

    29. (Sakoran) Danganronpa: Student Council Killing Game (Fanmade Audio Novel)- as Kotomi Ikuta

    30. (DRAftermathDev) Danganronpa: Aftermath- as Koma Kuno

    31. (c_squint) Black Bullet Abridged Episode 2- as Kohina Hiruko

    32. (dubrific) [English Fandub] Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony [Demo]- as Miu Iruma

    33. (atsuyo_matsu) Danganronpa V0 (Version Zero) - Asylums Awakening- as Yuka Higashitaka

    34. (Jxnny) Hinako Note Fandub- as Kuina Natsukawa

    1. Paid VA Roles

    1. (pathea) My Time At Portia as Polly

    2. (Circean Studios) Konsui Fighter- as Kyouki

    1. Singing (almost in the right order)

    1. (faithignited) Astrality- as Nico Yazawa

    2. (beria) Touou School N Girls [Love Live Cover Group]- as Shun Kurosaki

    3. (dakotaswan) A9OURS- A Love Live Sunshine English Cover Group! -as Kanan Matsuura

    4. (fairytailfreak) Ongaku Merodi- A Love Live Cover Group- as Nico Yazawa

    5. (nyaruto) Ukiyo!- as Cheria Shimizu

    6. (dakotaswan) Love Live Somnium- as Mari Ohara

    7. (katiew912/seilinkim) ENGLISH Loneliest Baby Group Cover!- as Nico Yazawa

    8. (lemmii) Livestar! Love Live! English Chorus Group- as Riko Sakurauchi, Eli Ayase

    9. Di-verse- as Chika Takami back-up

    10. (VOWhitneyWilliams) Alice of Human Sacrifice [ENGLISH DUB COVER] -as Hatsune Miku

    1. (dakotaswan) ~Uchiage~ A Love Live Swap Project!- as Kotori Minami

    2. (Mocha) HPT English Group Cover- as Kanan Matsuura

    3. (ashy) Dancing Stars On Me OC Cover- as Rin Hoshizora

    4. (summerbloom_29) ⭐️thrilling One Way⭐️ Japanese Cover- as Ruby Kurosawa

    5. (pizzapoox) Love Live Mermaid Festa Vol. 1 Collab- as Honoka Kousaka

    6. (LexC) Halloween Special: Sakkaku CROSSROADS English Cover- as Eli Ayase


    I can assure you that I have clients, but I can't go and ask all of them for testimonials lmao.

    Casting Calls and Auditons

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