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Hey Hi Ho and Howdy there Ladies and gentleman!

My name is Shannon L. Shook, also occasionally known as arvil143, but feel free to call me what ever you'd like! I'm a 21 year old Male VA from the middle of nowhere, who adores the concept of creating things. I spent the majority of my youngest years on this earth constantly taking in entertainment such as television, stand up comedy, cartoons/anime and film. My love for these many forms of art and entertainment made me fall in love with acting and performing for others, it also made me develope a love for writing as well, being able to bring to life the stories that filled my head my entire life has become a dream over the years, and it's one that is slowly being realized. My main want and goal while performing, and creating is to do as much as I can to give others the same feeling I got as a kid watching t.v. or comedy, it's why I do this... To entertain, to create the things that matter most to me in my heart, and to have a great time meeting great people while I do that.

I hope to get to work with as many of you as possible and that we can come together to make great things.

If by any chance you'd like me to audition for your project, ask any questions, comments, or critiques or just plain want to have a conversation then don't be afraid to PM me. Thanks for taking the time to read this, have a great day, and best of luck in what ever you happen to be doing! :D

Goodbye, see ya later, toodle-oo and....... well maybe I shouldn't finish that outro.....

Until next time! :)


As stated before, I am relatively new to all of this and there for have limited understanding of quite what is acceptable, and what is the average pay rates for something like this. Hopefully in the near future I can get a little more educated on the subject and I can put at the very least some rough estimates together. Or if worse comes to worse, we could determine pricing when we actually begin working together.

Though this does bring me to my thought process regarding payment for my 'services'. It basically comes down to, If you can pay, I think it's only right to pay the people who you ask to work for you and to assist you in your endevors. That being said I do realise not everyone has the cash to give, either they are completley incapable of payment or perhaps due to the nature of the project it self (A unmonotized video in which no money is being made for example) these are two situations that I completely understand and sympathize with (I'm broke too). I also know the kind of person who I am, and by that I mean I'm an individual that if I see a project that interests me or that I care about I'm probably going to jump at the opportunity to audition regardless of potentially being paid. My point behind saying all this is essentially that, I realise I should most likely be paid for doing what I do, and please if you can, you should absolutely be paying your VA's, but I also realise that, that is simply not always a possibility and even then, I love creating and entertaining so much that I'll probably try out anyway. So as far as being paid goes it's not required (At least as long as it's something I'm interested in, if I'm not super into it.... money may be my only real insentive) but is absolutely accepted and appreciated. Every little bit helps, as I'm sure you all know.

Sorry for the wall of text... just something I had been thinking about recently.



"You may still be starting (as am I) but that doesn't mean you don't have any talent. Even as I listened to some of your off takes, I still thought, "Well, that wasn't quite the voice I was looking for, but it still sounded really good!" I have to say, it's a little sad that we're already finished here, but you were so productive and prompt that you got the lines done super fast! So, I just want to say, thank you so much for auditioning, getting cast, and delivering such great lines in such a speedy time!"- Lan

Thank you too Lan for having me along and for the kind words!

Casting Calls and Auditons

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