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Hey everyone hows it going! I'm Archangel-Paradise, also known as Ed, AKA Luchrised, AKA LuLu, and I'm a writer, Youtube Content Creator, Singer, and voice actor. 

BIO: I've loved the entertainment world since I was a kid and I was drawn to various art forms, particularly movies and animation. I grew up watching a lot of great movies as well as various animated shows, as well as anime though I had no idea what anime was at the time, my mind just viewed it as "Cartoon Power Rangers". 

When I got to high school, I developed an interest in acting, singing, writing, and directing. I spent many years in acting and choir classes. 

I initially believed I couldn't do it since I had no prior acting background but as I kept going forward, I discovered this was something I really wanted to do. I'm glad to be here and I can't wait to work well with everyone here. :) 

VOCAL RANGE: I have a wide vocal range. My voice can go from a low-pitch bass to a high falsetto. I mostly have played young adults though I also can play teenage characters, animals, and anything weird, I've been told I'm good at Mickey Mouse and Stitch. Though I can still learn.

EXPERIENCE: I started voice acting through narrations on class projects in high school when I was 16 years old. I initially did it on and off, but now I've recently been cast in various fan projects as well as original works. I've been taking acting classes to improve my abilities

YOUTUBE: I currently have a YouTube channel where I have not only my demo reel posted, but also some original content such as Lets Plays with some new content such as song covers and comedy skits. 

EQUIPMENT: I currently use a MXL 990 microphone and I typically record using Audacity through the use of a presonus. 

OTHER INTERESTS: Besides voice acting, I also have interests in music, writing, scriptwriting, and acting...As well as my youtube channel. 

CONTACT: If you would like me to perform for your project, contact me through Discord. When contacting me, give me a run through of the story as well as a character you'd like me to portray.

Discord: Luchrised #1699

I look forward getting to work with everyone!


I don't actually have a pricing range; I mostly do this for fun, but if I were to get paid it would depend on the role, the amount of work that needed to be done, and how long the project would last.



Casting Calls and Auditons

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