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Voice Actor
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I'm a Voice Artist based in London. My voice is mid-range, but I can adjust my pitch a fair amount either way. I'm very interested in providing voices for commercials, documentaries, and animations, but my true passion is to bring characters to life in video games. So far, I have provided voices for characters in a range of YouTube Machinima series as well as featuring in the recently released MMO video game, Global Adventures.


Prices can be negotiated, depending on the amount and type of work involved.


Credits 1: Type of Work, 2: Project Name, 3: Character(s) Portrayed, 4: Client Name, 5: Project Release Year & Active Time Frame

Machinima/Role Play - Minecraft Legacies - Duke/Lucifer - Mylae - 2018

Video Game_Story Play - Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Phoenix Wright - Zenjoy - 2018

Video Game_Story Play - Final Fantasy IX - Minister Artania/Ramuh/Derek Stonehammer/Night Oracle Donnegan/Guard/Grandpa/Face 3/Barkeep - Zero Score - 2018

Video Game - Global Adventures - Professor Jones - Suba Games - 2017

Machinima - The Sims 4 - Noctis Spectre/Chief Campbell - Serendipitia - 2017-2018

Video Game_Story Play - Final fantasy VIII - General Caraway's Guard - 2016


As a Drama Teacher/Voice Actor/Director, I can say that Richard is a reliable voice actor, with clear vocal talent, and passion for his work. He is calmly clear in communicating and organizing time frames to get takes recorded, and has never been late for the deadlines I've asked him to keep to for my own projects. He takes instruction and criticism very professionally, will do multiple takes and re-takes as directed to get the right inflections needed for a final piece, and does so with efficiency. If he has the right voice for what you need, you will find his work ethic and personal relatability very enjoyable to work with - Zen Sky Fairborn @ZenjoyTweets

Rich is an instant professional, always willing to put in as much work as is required to do a good job, offering to do more if needed, even at the last minute.He is dedicated to providing the best quality performance he can muster and never misses a deadline. He has a great vocal range, can pull off various accents, and honestly puts my own natural-born American accent to shame! He's a true talent and a hard worker - Justin Wright @Zero_Score

Casting Calls and Auditons

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