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Hi, I'm Dylan - I'm 17 years old, and have a medium to medium-low voice! I started voice acting once a friend of mine introduced me to Behind The Voice Actors after getting a few roles on the site, and it seriously piqued my interest; since then I've transferred over to this site almost completely! I personally feel like I do a pretty good job at hitting the higher notes; even maintaining a higher voice. That being said, lower range voices aren't my forte, and I'm working hard to fix that if age doesn't do it for me! 

DM me here or on discord if you're interested in casting me for whatever reason! Only exception would be Minecraft/Undertale projects - sorry!

Discord for casts/inquiries - Dylan#2123

Here is the first thing that I've edited! I hope that it's a good show of my editing ability!

Credits to Meinya for the awesome Signature! Thanks so much :D


Currently, I audition for anything that I feel I have the right voice- or could have the right voice to play. So, at the moment, everything I do is free, and is just for strengthening my capabilities in voice acting until I believe that my acting is actually worth peoples' money.

TL;DR - Free


 Brooklyn Dizzy's

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Velentia Fandub
-Kliff  & Leon

Fire Emblem Heroes Fandub


Fire Emblem Awakening Fandub
-Stahl & Morgan-

Icewolf Production's 

Blue Exorcist Fandub
-Yukio Okumura-


Noragami OVA Fandub


Attack on Titan - Traitors Fandub

-Eren Yeager

L tests Light's Intelligence Fandub



Under Night In-Birth Fandub

Fire Emblem Fates Critical Hits Fandub - Royalty

Dangan Ronpa V3 Fandub

-Shuichi Saihara & Rantaro Amami-

Dangan Ronpa V2 Fandub

-Hajime Hinata-


Shugo Chara Fandub

-Kukai Souma-


Fire Emblem Fates Fandub



Under Night In-Birth Fandub



Road To You Fandub



Fire Emblem Fates: Heirs of Fate Fandub



Fire Emblem: Blazing Blade Custom Crit Quotes Dub



- Meinya - 

  1. "Rire- Riley has been such a dedicated voice actor since the moment I learned he got into it. I've heard bits and pieces in the past, but thought nothing of it originally. But actually working with him, practicing with him, and sometimes sitting in calls all day looking at casting calls or working on singing; I'd have to say, he's a fantastic person in general. I haven't once been disappointed in him. He's a great listener, he takes critiques well, and he'll sit for however long it takes until his lines are just as he wants them to be. Every since he got his new mic set up too, he's super excited to have even better quality auditions, which I'm sure he'll be cast for! I couldn't be happier being friends and someone to voice act with here in CCC."

- Arcus - 

"Your yells give me jitters- It's so good"

Casting Calls and Auditons

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