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my name is Justin aka. Shiza. 

I am an inspiring Voice Actor for the languages German and English. Originally I come from Germany and I still live there, in a small village, which also helps me to keep the noise level of the recording very low, with the recording booth that I know have built, I am actually confident in saying that the only disturbing sound that could be in the recording would be my hands moving or my breathing. Basically I have no background noise at all, aswell as that I learned to have respect and work in a team through the interaction with other villagers. 

I have had English lessons since the first class and my best friend is from Mexico, and he helped me to learn English beginning in 2nd grade. I watched Videos, Movies, Anime, everything in English and everytime I didn't undertand something I asked him and he told me what it meant and through that I learned to speak english as well as how to pronounce the words, as I heard them from Native speakers. Thats just a little tip for people who have problems with learning English ^^

I am Voice Acting since 1 and a half year and currently I am using a Neumann TLM 102 Microphone plugged into a Yamaha AG06. The total price for the equipment should be around 850 € (For those thinking of buying it, it is worth the money!)
I am good at voice acting for male characters with a rather deep voice, as though im only 18 years old. I am willing to try out many Characters though and always up for a new challenge to come. 

As it was written here before, I wanted to build a Recording Booth, and that I did. I now have a room dedicated to recording, and I will become active again. I wanted to make a break to concentrate on planning the recording booth and also stop the output of audio quality that I did not like before I built the Recording Booth. I will try to add some pictures!

If you are interested in casting me and you still have questions for me, feel free to ask me directly per direct message.

I hope you have a great day,

Many Regards,

Justin aka. Shiza


Pricing is something I like to talk about privately. 

The Price should be acceptable for both sides.


My first paid project was with treehouse-media where I had the role of the narrator.

(Link was not given to me, as I didn't hear from them anymore after I got paid)

I was also the cast for Tatsuya Shiba in this dub: 


I am happy to have more clients soon!


"Shiza is a very good voice actor. He delivered all of his lines in a timely manner which gave me more time to give him direction, which he took very well. Definitely recommend him for any projects." English Fan Dubs

Casting Calls and Auditons

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