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Sava Phoenix Studios is an up and coming volunteer animation and dubbing project company started in January 2018.

"Sava" is an abbreviation that stands for “Singing And Voice Acting,” and it is the name of the phoenix representing our studios.  The phoenix (like most things) symbolizes something old and worn out, but catches fire and turns into ashes,only to be replaced with a brighter, younger, fresher phoenix. Our beautiful Sava is a metaphorical representation of the various ideas and projects we wish to bring forth to everyone.

We are by no means professional, but we aim to make quality work. We want others to appreciate the oodles of ideas in our head, all while enjoying primarily fan-based content. And hopefully, in the future, Sava Phoenix Studios will branch onto original projects.


Some of our upcoming projects include an Undertale animated series, a Majora’s Mask Comic Dub primarily run by Star Linkminor dubbing projects, and re-animated scenarios (for example game cut scenes, small moments from well-known cartoon series, story references, creepy pastas, etc.)

For this project, and many others, Sava Phoenix Studios is looking for a variety of team members to help out. The team is composed of artists, writers, voice actors, musicians, sound designers, and video editors. They all have special individual talents and the company goal is to make sure that they get the experience needed for such talents. 

Sava Phoenix Studios will not ask of you to push yourself too hard. Rather, we ask that you do your best when auditioning. Any auditions placed for Sava Phoenix will be looked at by this profile, as well as other various team members who have an account on Casting Call Club. Best of luck to you in your future auditions, and be sure to check out the Youtube Page and website when they come to fruition in due time


As we are a volunteer group, we do not ask for money, nor are we able to pay anyone working with us. However, we would hope to change that in the future once a proper establishment is made for Sava Phoenix Studios


We do not have or have had any clients 


We do not have any testimonials... yettt ;3

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