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Hello! My name is Josh, I go by Qrumns on ye OL' internet. I'm 18 and have a passion for voice acting! I've been into the art for quite some time now and I'm aiming to eventually make a career out of it one day! 

P.S. I also dabble in audio mixing as a hobby since I enjoy doing fandubs of varying works!

The fastest way to get in contact with me is through my Discord and/or email.
Email: qrumnsvo(@)gmail(.)com -- Minus the parentheses.


Not interested in doing any free work (unless I openly audition for your project) -- but I am completely open to negotiation when it comes to pricing. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me in a private message!

My typical rate for voice work is 6-8 cents per word, this can vary from project to project, however.

My price(s) for audio work really just depends on the overall workload and time needed to complete the job.


  • Voice Work:

  • Animation

  • Hennina  -  Totally Normal  -  Adrian

  • serpyra  -  Vindicaris Chapter 3  -  Ces

  • TheHealthyCow  -  A Love Story: Roblox Movie Animation  -  Ryan Davis

  • Narration

  • Greg Chase  -  Top5Best YouTube channel  -  Narrator

  • ryovash - Hazardous Materials Training Video - Narrator 

  • Misc.

  • SGTSemiSauce  -  Re-Beat Star reference lines  -  Alex: the Undead Self-Described "Pop Prince"

  1. Audio Work:

  2. Animation

  3. Aussie  -  Halo: The Second Dawn | Official Trailer  -  Audio Engineer


Sgt Semi Sauce -

"Quick, efficient, great mic quality and very polite! I received some voice reference lines from Qrumns recently and they were fantastic. Multiple cuts for each line, amazing quality - Definitely a pleasant experience! I got my lines almost right away and they were perfect! Hope to work with this particular VA again, and I would definitely recommend him elsewhere!"

The Healthy Cow

"Delivered lines in a efficient amount of time while still maintaining high quality. The audio files were easy to work through with and you can tell Qrumns truly cares about the work he does. Professional audio quality, great response time, professional individual. Hope to work with him again in the future."


"Great mic quality, great voice acting, great turnaround time! He can perfectly capture the emotion I need in each line, and sends multiple takes to choose from. It's always a pleasure working with him!"

Casting Calls and Auditons

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