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  • Skills
    Watching anime
    Writing Songs
    Stealing Memes
    Voice Acting
    Fidget Spinner
    *Pig Noises*
    Cracking open a Cold One with The Boys
  • Genders
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    Spanish (Barely)
    English (singing)
    Korean(only a little bit)
    Korean (singing)
    Japanese (Singing)
    English (Fluent)
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Hello there~ thank you for checking out my profile!

My name is Phebe, but I'm also known as Harudori!

I'm a dreamer with a dream to become a YouTuber, VA, and a Singer!
I'm hoping to reach that goal by being here, and maybe even joining a casting call you may have!!
I'm a huge ONCE (TWICE fandom), a LEGGO (EXID fandom) and a soon-to-be MIRACLE (OH MY GIRL fandom). I've been trying to stan OMG for months now, but I don't seem connected enough to them.

NOTICE: If you are contacting me, please leave a notice as of why you are contacting me. If you do not, I will assume you as a threat to my accounts and block you.

Contact Me

GMAIL: (PM me)

DISCORD: Phebe#3401 

SKYPE: live:harudoriva 

TWITTER: @_Harudori_

INSTAGRAM: @pastel.phebe

YOUTUBE: Harudori

Profile Pictures

March 2017 - Lala Deviluke from To LOVE-Ru [Anime]

April 2017 -  Alice from Pandora Hearts [Anime]

May 2017 - Gareki from Karneval [Anime]

June 2017 - My face lmao

July 2017 - Holy from Oh! Holy! [Webtoon]

August 2017 - Sia from unTOUCHable [Webtoon]

September 2017 - Ako Saotome from Aikatsu Stars! [Anime]

October 2017 - Sana from TWICE [K-Pop]

November 2017 - Tohru from Kobayashi-san's Dragon Maid [Anime]

December 2017 - TWICE [K-Pop]

January 2018 - Jeonghwa from EXID [K-Pop]

February 2018 - Jeonghwa from EXID [K-Pop]

March 2018 - Mina from TWICE [K-Pop]

April 2018 - Random person in a strawberry outfit with a backpack

May 2018 - Random person in a strawberry outfit with a milkshake

June 2018 - My face #2 lmao

July 2018 - My face #3 lmao

August 2018 - Seulgi from RED VELVET [K-Pop]

September 2018 - Ako Saotome from Aikatsu Stars! [Anime]


October 2018 - Random person in braids with nice aesthetic 


I will accept paid work, although I'm most likely not going to get paid for roles, haha.



[CURRENT/CURRENTISH] = The project/group is currently running.

[HIATUS] = The project/group is on hold or inactive.

[ABANDONED] = The project/group is abandoned or the owner canceled the project/group.

[UNKNOWN] = The owner has not contacted me about the project/group.

[COMPLETED] = The project/group has been completed and finished.

[UNCASTED] = The owner had decided to uncast me from the project or I left it.


Weeuboo Productions (Owner) [ABANDONED]

Lone Wolf Productions (CO-Owner) [ABANDONED]

NOAF VA (Voice Actress) [CURRENTISH]

KP Project Center (Voice Actress) [HIATUS]

CureDubs (Voice Actress) [CURRENT]


Ako Harudori (Ako's Story) [HIATUS]

Laura Sakuraba (Aikatsu Stars! FanDub) [ABANDONED]

Ueno Naoka (Koe no Katachi FanDub) [ABANDONED]

Background Dolls (Pandora Hearts FanDub) [ABDANDONED]

Minori (Toradora! FanDub) [ABANDONED]

Amy (Warrior Cats | Dream Clan) [HIATUS]

Springlock Chica (Darktimes) [UNKNOWN]

Stacy (Minecraft City Central) [COMPLETED]

Galaxy (Fantasy Dream) [UNKNOWN]

Blue Swallow (Tokusatsu Fan Dub Series Presents: Choujin Sentai Jetman) [HIATUS]

Tsubasa Kiraragi  (Aikatsu Stars! S4 English Group Cover) [HIATUS]

Princess River Of Northmere (Minecraft Journey) [UNKNOWN]

Neko~Chan (Okakemi High) [UNKNOWN]

Avalon Igarashi (Aikatsu Stars OC English Cover Group) [HIATUS]

Leona (Orphaned And Alone) [UNKNOWN]


Tiana (Secret Island) [UNKNOWN]

Azura (Animal Fighter) [HIATUS]

Maple (Weak) [UNKNOWN]

Mireille Minami (Idol Time PriPara Singing Project) [UNKNOWN]

Carly (High School Life) [COMPLETED]

Kate (The Roomies) [COMPLETED]

Purple (About Us) [HIATUS]

Purple (Child) (About Us) [HIATUS]

Mofurun (Pretty Cure Dream Stars Movie Fandub) [CURRENT]

Chaeyoung (TWICE English covers) [UNKNOWN]

Rin Tohsaka (Fate/Tsukihime: Carnival Phantasm Fandub) [UNKNOWN]

Ako Saotome (Aikatsu Stars! Four-Stars) [UNCASTED]

Tamamo no Mae (Monster Girl Quest Fandub/Lets Play) [UNKNOWN]

Toadette (Plush Survival Island) [COMPLETED]

Reimu Hakurei (Fantasy Kaleidoscope ~The Memories Of Phantasm) [CURRENT]

Yayoi Kise (Smile Pretty Cure! Fandub) [UNCASTED]

Amai Odayaka (Lovesick) [CURRENT]


Voices I Can Do

GENDER: I can do both, although I struggle a bit with males. I'm best with Japanese males, but i'm trying for English males as well ;3 (Female is perfectly fine xdd)

AGE RANGE: Baby - Teenager (Adult roles don't fit me too well)

EMOTION RANGE: Screaming and emotional scenes are a bit difficult for me since I live with my parents, and they will hear me with whatever I say. They'll assume bad things, and you get the rest... >->

LANGUAGES: I speak English fluently, and speak just a bit of Spanish from my forced school classes lmao- I am currently studying Japanese and learning Korean in my free time. I know a decent amount of Japanese but only a little Korean. I'm hoping to learn more, though!

BEST CHARACTER: In my personal opinion, I think the best character for me would be a teenager who can be really nice and sweet but deadly at the same time. (Examples from anime: Akane Hiyama [Renai Boukun], Gabriel [Gabriel Dropout], Ako Saotome [Aikatsu Stars!], Nonon Jakuzure [Kill la Kill])

WORST CHARACTER: The worst character for me would be a yandere or a character who screams a lot in the series, but it'll still be a due-able character based on the situation with my parents.

Things I Am Willing To Do

- Write English lyrics for a different language song for your project (NOT THE OFFICIAL ENGLISH, MY OWN WORDS TO THE SONG BUT IN ENGLISH) (Depends on the song, I might want to be paid) (Best with Japanese and Korean songs)
- Voice Act for your project
- Sing for your project

Random Things About Me
- I can make myself sound a bit like a pig or a snoring person.
- I can do really off-key pitched screeching and it sounds like I'm dying ahaha-
- I'm alive XDDD!!
- I acted in plays as a child.
- My mother was a singer in a band.
- Todd Haberkorn is my idol!!!!!! (I met him on 8/20/17)
- My favorite YouTuber's are: Technoblade, Aphmau, and SSSniperwolf.
- On 10/25/17 my friend drew a circle that had a face and a top hat with legs on my hand and I named him Kyotosomo ;) (We've redrawn him on my hand everyday since then, he's my mascot)

Casting Calls and Auditons

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