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     Alyssa Rose Trama was born on August 28, 1991 in Poughkeepsie, New York to Vincent, a telecommunications engineer and Kimberly, a professional musician. She has an older brother, Nicholas. Alyssa's father was offered a job in the Nashville, Tennessee area and her family moved there when Alyssa was seven years old. By the time Alyssa was twelve, she had been cast in several musicals for her acting and singing abilities. She often played loud, boisterous roles which also required her to learn different dialects, which she realized was something that she did well and enjoyed. Alyssa attended Currey Ingram Academy, a private school in Brentwood, Tennessee. It was there that her talent for acting, recording music, and playing several musical instruments was discovered. She was cast in the musical, "Godspell", "A Few Good Men", "The Wizard of Oz", as the Cowardly Lion, in which her performance was a stand out. Her role as Maria Von Trapp in the production of "The Sound of Music" showcased not only her acting and vocal abilities but also her choreography skills. Throughout her middle and high school years, Alyssa made several studio recordings, both singing and playing keyboards. Alyssa also plays bass and ukulele. She attended Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee then transferred to Nashville State. In 2015, Alyssa received a degree in music.

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     Currently looking to build a resume. If the project is of a greater scale, then we can discuss pricing. Otherwise, open to all as long as the project or work is on track and will be released to the public. 


Blue Dream Studios


The World Of Kevin C

SGA Animations


'You sound wonderful and hope to help you further with your dreams of Voice Acting!' - Curtis A. Koller

'After just 3 takes we've got it. Expected nothing less from you!' - Jamie Thomason

'You sound great! Believe me, if you weren't good you wouldn't be in this movie.' Scott C. Sava

".....everyone give it up for my assistant singer for today! She did a wonderful job and sounds wonderful too!" Kazumi Evans 

"Monstrassa voices is the most outgoing and bubbly voice actress I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.  (She is) very talented in coming up with accents, emotions, and inflections in the voice of the character she is trying to convey. (She) also gives very good feedback and great opinions on how to better the storyline. She is just the right level of casual and professional, that you could see her both as the voice actor you had hired, and as a new friend. I am so glad I have the pleasure of getting to know this very talented person, and I recommend hiring her for your project. You will not regret it." - Joshua Bamford

Casting Calls and Auditons

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