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My name is Lauren Racquel. I'm fairly new to the community of voice over acting and audio production. BUT! (the dreadful but...), I have a wonderful mentor by the name of Chuck who was the former personal audio producer for Mel Blanc (“Bugs Bunny”). As well as I have a musical, theatrical, and comical background. My musical background stems from my mother whom is a professional singer in my home state IL. She raised me right..! From having me sing various genres of music like bluegrass to hardcore rock n roll. As well as I have received SOME vocal training from various professional singers with backgrounds in Opera, Blues/Jazz, and Theatrical /Broadway.      

As for my theatrical background, I was blessed with the opportunity to work along side, behind the scenes, and on stage with various theatrical companies in IL. As well as have the title of Assistant Artistic Director.  I also have had some experience in front of the camera for a variety of corporate commercials (verbal and non-verbal). 

In regards to my comedic background I was raised in a home with a revolving door policy. Being that I am the youngest of 15 children (11 fosters-ALLLL BOYS).  You love whom and what you love... regardless of love, creed, etc. You only have ONE LIFE SO LIVE IT! Which does not include the number of people in my life to this day with whom I call "brother and sister". It's safe to say finding the humor in things came/comes naturally. 

Now, I do not claim in way that I know everything. Or that because I have had the honor to work with various individuals that have MADE IT/ ARE WORKING in the entertainment industry; that I am the best. But I do know that I WILL MAKE at my "RIGHT TIME"... but, that this moment. I am ready, willing, and able to fulfill your most demanding requirements.  And, that you can count on me to deliver a clean, professional recording(s).  

Thank you for reading my rant about me... stay golden ponyboy(s) and ponygal(s)! 


Since every project is unique, my price point can and will vary.  I take all monetary discusses with the utmost seriousness, respect, professionalism, and the necessary confidentiality.  


In progress... 


Lauren's dedication for excellence is unprecedented. Not only is she kind-hearted and humble. She has a voice that is unforgettable and easy to love!  - Chuck McKibben

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