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Hey, thanks for taking the time to look at my profile. The name is LerminAura but everybody calls me Ragna. Well I am an aspiring voice actor and love to bring life to moving frames that can relate/connect with complicated things called humans. I have always love how something that doesn't even exist in real life can mean so much to me. I want to let people feel the same way as I do and connect with characters they didn't expect to like. That is why I want to be a voice actor.

I don't have any education but I am willing to cooperate and bring success to you and me. I am confident with characters with explosive personalities and with a lot of anger. I'm alright with monotone characters but i do struggle to do a believable sad or over happily/bubbly character. I can do psycho/crazy pretty good. My voice is rather high in my opinion though I can get lower without trouble. I am told I got an accent from the southern United States. I can speak perfect English and Spanish and currently learning Japanese. 

As mentioned before I do not have education but starting January I started my first semester in audio engineer II. I am also taking Audio electronics and music appreciation.(I worked all summer and fall semester to pay off my classes since college expensive lol just in case  you were wondering why in January). I have taken VA 101 and VA 201 from this website.  

I don't have any completed works to show since I haven't technically been casted ever since I started (started in August 2018). I been casted twice but never past the production stage and the projects were both abandoned. Sorry but if you are interested in how I sound then please look at my auditions. I hope to impress you with at least those I try my hardest to fit your needs.

Want to know more about me as a person? Ok well I love anime and fighting games and it was a fighting game and a specific anime that inspired me to come and try voice acting. I live in a small town in Texas were internet is pretty scarce but that can't stop me. Let me tell you I have tried to get internet but I live too deep in the middle of no where. But, LIFE DOESN'T WANT TO CATCH THESE HANDS. Anyways I do try to be funny and I am friendly though I do like to be kinda sadistic at some points. Not to be mean or anything like that, for fun and if I attack with a roast I want to be attacked back but I don't support bullying just fun roasting. But then again at some points I can be masochist because of a joke or something around those lines. Its a interesting combination isn't it? 

Well I can't think of anything else. If you got any question then hopefully you can dm me here. I do check it everyday because I am always ready for my next role. Wait if I haven't had a role in the first place can I still call it my next role.... Hmm... Well whatever, thanks for reading all of this either you got a lot of time in your hands or you too are a masochist, if so welcome to the club lol.


Nothing really but if you think I'm worthy enough then so be it but a recommendation or twitter follow is a start.



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