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I'm a Voice Actor born in 1997. Though fan-dubs/character voices are indisputably my forte, I can also lend my talents to voice-overs for your business, YouTube channel, or any other service! 

I am also a Voice Director and am willing to provide my services in this avenue, although it's far more time-consuming, so spots are limited! I am also proficient in Video/Audio Editing.

I do not charge much, but I have a very wide range and have an aptitude for emoting. My body of work can be largely found on my YouTube Channel, as well as a slew of numerous others. 

I hope you enjoy my content displayed here, and if you wish to follow my Social Media, I'm most reachable by Twitter when I'm not on CCC!

And if you wish to support my work, feel free to donate to my Patreon

Thank you!


0-50 words - $5

50-100 words - $10

100-200 words - $25
Anything above this range is fully negotiable!

Directing/Editing: $15/hr

The reason I do not charge per-hour for acting is to ensure an integrity between my clients and me, ensuring that my clients are being charged as fairly as possible-- in other words, if I told you I took an hour to work on something, you'd have no idea of how honest I'm being with you when it comes to acting. 

When it comes to Directing and Editing, my time is logged to ensure the proper rates are applied.

Rather, I ensure that any work I do for you regardless of how long or short is being fine-tuned and perfected to the best of my abilities!

Rates are always negotiable for extenuating circumstances.


"... I'm ZankyeGaming and I've worked with KalsChannel for A LOT of projects that you can find here. He's been a fantastic voice actor to work with and always manages to get any lines done within a very quick and reasonable amount of time. He's very compassionate and enthusiastic about any project we work on! For other details, he's also a voice director for my videos and does a GREAT job of directing any other voice actors that I have for a project. Another talent he has is great with video editing and VFX work, you'll be VERY amazed at the high quality and fantastic work he's able to produce. He's a fantastic person to collaborate with and I HIGHLY recommended if you ever stumble upon him and ask for him to help with your project you won't regret it!"

Casting Calls and Auditons

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