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Voice Actor
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Hey there!~

The name's Jack. I'm an 19 Y/O Voice Actor based out of Maryland who's lent my voice to fangames, fandubs, original projects, so on and so forth! I'm not as active on this website as I am on Twitter and/or Discord, but I'll drop in here every now and again to audition for potential projects. 

If you're looking for a young, deep voice, a charismatic, upbeat voice, maybe a shy, nerdy voice, or voices with thick male accents, I'm your guy! Take a listen to my Demo Reel above and commission me for projects if I suit the role! I'll be more than happy to work alongside you understandingly, have clips and/or auditions in on time, and ensure high-quality voice over work with absolutely no issues in recordings. Thanks for stopping by, and contact me and/or follow me at one of the links below! Thanks!~

Discord: JackisJackVA#4166

Twitter: @JackisJackVA

YouTube: JackisJack



Image result for paypal logo png"

Prices ARE Negotiable.

$15 per line
¢25 per word

$55 per hour (Live Direction)
Of course, if I auditioned for your project knowing the prices and/or lack thereof, you may ignore these pricing schemes. These are for commission only.



Casting Calls and Auditons