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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

I'm CureHibiki and I really like to sing! I really like feedback so feel free to give me any! I tend to write my own lyrics - original lyrics for my own songs or translations of Love Live or Pretty Cure songs! You can say I am a kind girl but there are times I can get very annoying! You have been warned! I may like to sing but I do get really shy in public. To the point where I will become as much as a tomato Maki is, that I refuse to sing in front of people. I hope to get over this stage fright in the near future though! 

I have my own YouTube channel that I created to help me get over my stage fright but welp, it's not working. I still panic to this day when my mother, older sister or my friends ask to hear me sing >.< You can say the covers are good, a lot people say they are, so I'll believe them! Maybe you guys can give them a listen and give me some helpful feedback (just don't mention the microphone! I already know and I am desperately trying to save up for a better one. But omg, SIF and new novels are literally stealing my money!) on my singing, please!

I can singing in different vocal styles but I prefer sticking to flirtatious/cute but not high vocals, like Maki, Riko, Hanamaru, Dia, You or Kanan from Love Live for example. I can sing in a high pitched voice but I cringe so badly so no thanks, I prefer keeping to voices that are actually kinda like mine. When it comes to voice acting, I gotta be honest, I'm not the best. But if I had to say, singing is really helping me with acting so I won't say I'm a terrible actor but I'm not the best. You could say I'm average and definitely need to work on it. 


I'm not here for money. I'm here to have fun! However, if you really, really want to pay me, then..ah okay, I'll accept it, I guess?


I am currently in 1 project singing as Watanabe You! I can't wait to participate in this project!


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