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Good after-the-morn', hope ya had a good day! The names Bllake, the extra L is Lucky(?) Anyways, as you might guess, I'm an aspiring voice actor who is on the hunt for roles! I'm a Hispanic teen who can speak in both English and Spanish. While English is my primary language I can still speak Spanish moderately well.

My Voice: My vocal range is mid-high. Doing low voices is a struggle, but anything above that is where I shine! The emotions i'm best at would be action-orientated, or high-energy. Take for example, excitement, anger, and happiness.

Work Ethic: I try to be as clear with my clients as possible, and set myself personal deadlines. I aim to turn in lines within 2-3 days of being given the script, if not sooner. If something were to come up and i'm not able to turn in lines by the given deadline, I will explain my reasons. I will not retaliate against any course of action taken after said deadline passes, or beforehand. If it becomes impossible for me to continue with any given project, then I will explain myself to the director of said project and promptly resign. If this does occur I will tell the director ahead of time, 1 week in advance.

(not)cool backstory: When I was a young child I used to be huge fan of abridged series, specifically Yu-Gi-Oh! the Abridged Series, and Dragon Ball the Abridged Series. While this didn't interest me at the time, it did set the seeds in. Later down in life when I discovered the UnderTale fandom I had discovered comic dubs! This really inspired me to try to do my best papyrus, and i'd like to think it's pretty good! Anyways, I enjoyed the concept of voice acting, but didn't really act on it. A year later after the initial UnderTale boom I discovered those darned abridged series again and that's when the idea finally hit! These guys were all just some normal dudes, and now they're making a business out of it! I practiced in private, and eventually got my Blue Snowball! A few months later I got my current audio rig, an AT2020 and Scarlet preamp.

To cut a long story short, Abridged series and Undertale inspired me to act on a new-found dream!


I'm willing to do paid work, but money isn't a priority.


In progress
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'Fraid no ones said anything.

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