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In 2011, Ozzy has co-starred in a theater project "Dracula - The Final Countdown", a popular and widespread act which is a humorous interpretation of Bram Stoker's gothic horror story. This was during his high-school years in the European School of Luxembourg. Ozzy was given the role of Count Dracula. The show went on to be sold out for each night of performance and received tremendous feedback. Soon after realizing that his passion for putting on shows was something he wanted to fuse with his voice, he moved on to music.

Taking his first steps into the sound industry as a singer. He joined the young progressive metalcore band "Soulhenge" from Diekirch, Luxembourg as their new frontman in the year 2015 going on to co-write and perform vocals on their EP "Anachronism". Getting nationwide traction with numerous plays of tracks and interviews on the radio and many positive reviews shortly after being released. On May 20th, 2016 Soulhenge released their long-awaited EP “Anachronism” on the Rockhal Floor with the slogan “This is what we love and this is what we do.”

“The other major positive aspect is that there is an actual singer. Doing clean vocals. In a
metal band. In Luxembourg…and they’re fairly good too! It’s always been a big complaint of
mine that our local metal scene had no good clean vocalist, a fact that I remained convinced
of until a bit more than a year ago when I was taught better. During the seventeen minutes,
Soulhenge‘s vocalist also displays very respectable screams and fairly deep growls, that go
hand in hand with his clean vocals.” -El Gore-Independent music reviews from Luxembourg

“Classical influence in modern metal always intrigues me, and “A New Dawn,”
Anachronism​’s opening number captured my attention immediately with a haunting, heavy
introduction featuring polyrhythmic chug patterns akin to Born of Osiris​. Though such
elements could be a foundation for an entire EP, part of the charm of Soulhenge​is their
willingness to diversify and adapt. Songs like “The Atomic Age” and are not afraid to delve
into mid-2000’s metalcore territory.” -Prog Sphere on May 20, 2016

“Anachronism captures the volatility of its title with a complex, explosive soundtrack
brimming with infectious hooks courtesy of the intense interplay between Ozzy Booyah’s
growls and Milian Steffen’s and Yannick Kohl’s guitar work. This chaotic beauty is best
captured on “The Atomic Age” with the pristine undertow of its verse that is unexpectedly
overwhelmed by the unbridled fury of its chorus.” -The Moshville Times

Ozzy currently resides in Berlin, Germany where he is taking part in a degree course in Music Production & Audio Engineering (BA Hons). Ozzy is an aspiring entrepreneur and executive producer.


Due to my lack of experience outside of my university project, I'd like to keep humble and negotiate with each client, with respect to each project. So please feel free contact me directly through this platform, let's discuss your project and what I may be able to do for you.

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