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I have a naturally youthful and well blended voice with a general American accent. Though I specialize in younger characters I can easily provide female voices for older characters as well such as a hip cheerleader or a generic female narrator. I am fairly versatile and have played a wide range of roles both male and female. I can perform voices that range from light tones such as those of a little girl to darker more gravely tones fitting a 13 year old boy. Whether you are producing a commercial, a podcast, an internet release, an educational narration, a video game which requires nuanced acting, or even a product jingle, I have the experience and versatility to bring your script to life.

I have almost five years of experience working as a voice actor. I specialize in character voices and have a nuanced understanding of internet voice over, acting, music, and producing. I am classically trained in music and theatre and trained “on the job” in editing, studio tech, and online customer relations. 
I’m someone who can get your project done right. 
Voiceover is my life, and my livelihood. When you choose me as your voice, you can rest assured that you have hired a professional, with professional equipment, and a passion for quality results.

Finalist in the 2016 Audioverse Awards for the Category “Best Performance of an Actress in an Original Leading Role for a Short Form Production”



Pricing on demand. My pricing is flexible. 



“THESE ARE AMAZING!!!!!!! Holy cow, you had my heart beating fast while I was listening to these, you even did the giggles great! My oh my I would high-five you if I could. Professional level acting too. You absolutely nailed it. Great job.”
- Dylan Simpson, YouTube content creator

“That monster voice during the Fortune Teller episode was creepy as hell. My friends and I jumped in shock. Really great stuff. Though I’m a bit scared of you now.”
- Razaq Mzale, Podcast Producer

“I must say I am REALLY impressed by the quality of the voice acting. I expected something great but this is better than anything I could imagine. Thank you!”
-VoiceBunny Client

Excellent quality, timely revisions, and just the voice I needed for my project, which is targeted towards a younger demographic. I'll keep you in mind if we have need in the future!
-VoiceBunny Client

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