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I provide a wide array of voice-over services from my home studio, including: character, commercial, corporate, and telephony. In the past I have voiced spots for companies such as Myrtle Beach Mazda, iHeart Radio, Drenched Fitness, Only Gift Cards, and The Romford Electrician. I have also played characters for quite a few indie video games & animations, audio dramas, motion comics, and web series. I am able to sound younger or older as needed. Can speak with various accents/dialects. Fast turnaround. For more information, resume, and demos visit my website:


Varies based on project size, distribution, and studio budget. Standard rate card available upon request.


TES Renewal
Fallout: Cascadia
Tuomo's Games
Darkus Marque
Toadal Drama Official
RK Animations
Steel Ring Music
CHALKBoard Entertainment
Hasani Studios
Greenville Little Theatre


"Alyssa Kay is a professional voice talent. She is able to deliver timely work with a practiced skill and multiple inflections. I enjoyed every moment working with her." - Bobby Ryan, Writer & Sound Designer, C.H.V.L.K. audio book/audio play/animation

"Alyssa's attention to detail filled me with confidence from our first interaction. Her command of her voice when it comes to tone, accent and emotion is impeccable. It's always a pleasure working with Alyssa. On my list of people to contact first, she's at the top with the best of them.” - Andey Fellowes, Director & Level/ Quest Designer, The Forgotten Lands video games

"I can be very specific when needing voice work and ask for realistic emotions that's closer to live action films.  Alyssa was able to deliver the work I needed along with an accent for the character.  She's an absolute joy to work with and very professional.  I look forward to working with her again in the near future." - Hasani Walker, Director/Writer/Animator, The Grim animated series

"Alyssa is a joy to work with. She brings a confidence in her performance and acting ability that is hard to find. She also has a good range and is willing to do redo's. I'd recommend any agency or director to consider her for a gig.” - Darrell Harris, Director, X-Men: Regenesis motion comic

"Alyssa nailed Nikki’s voice and attitude on the first try. It was exactly as I pictured in my head as I wrote her lines and character. She has an amazing talent." - Bob Souliske, Writer & Animator, Seven Gates animated series

"A gifted and perceptive voice-actor, Alyssa proved chameleon-like in her vocal abilities; taking dialogue for various characters and quickly imbuing them each with subtlety and identity; bringing them roaring to life, and in a way that belied them being read by the same actor. Brilliant. Highly professional, as well as very easy and pleasant to work with. My production was made better for having Alyssa on-board, as would any production that is fortunate enough to cast her." - Darkus Marque, Filmmaker/Animator, Alien Infinity animated trilogy

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