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The quality of the thesis conditioned by the quality of its sources
As soon as we talk about memory, in addition to researching the problem, the bibliography turns out to be a real pillar of the work, however, a good number of paper writer the botch and relies mainly on the results and the discussion emanating therein to convince and bring quality to the thesis.

However, the ideas, the argumentation… in other words the argumentative elements used in the discussion will have no value only with so-called quality bibliographical references . It is in a way the “raw material” used to write your thesis. The quality of your production will depend on the quality of your sources.

Of course, we all followed the course in bibliographic research methodology by college essay writing service during the theories, before internships, internships and others ... but once in the field, we quickly forgot how we should do, we try to find the notes, to see 'other papers to see how to write the bibliography that requires writing standards. And generally, we take our heads with the periods, commas, dashes, capital letters, the date ...

A good bibliography starts with the sources: sites like Wikipedia, magazine sites and others have no value or weight although they can be effective in generating ideas.

Scientific or academic sources: prime sources
It is strongly recommended to rely on relevant sites recognized by scientists in other words reference bibliographic databases such as PubMed, Elsevier, Science Direct and others ... any student being automatically subscribed, he should not have access problems.

First of all, once the problem has been defined, it is essential to distinguish the keywords and type them in Google, then in Google Scholar in order to have a general idea of ​​the argument, the plan to follow during all the writing and the realization of the dissertation.

Experts from cheap essay writing help. Once the plan is defined, in particular the well-defined conceptual framework, the next step is to enter the keywords in the search engine of the sites raised with the possibility of filtering the search so that it is even more relevant.

The advantage with this kind of search engine, in particular PubMed, is that it is possible to sort the results and make the bibliography even more relevant, the relevance of the bibliography being the pillar of its quality. Indeed, the more recent a bibliographic reference, the more relevant it is.

The recency of sources: determining criterion of their quality and relevance
For example, PubMed, the reference search engine: in general, at the start of the search, no sorting filter will be applied in order to have a global view of all the publications, periodicals and others that relate to the keyword. Then, the sorting will begin with the publication date: less than 5 years, the limitation to certain specialized publications or not ...

The use of bibliographic management software such as EndNote can also be of great help. Indeed, this saves time, particularly in synchronization, adding references, sorting references, etc.

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