Midnight Encounter

2021Production https://marshmallowmari.itch.io/midnight-encounterdemo

Two time-traveling, dimension-hopping teenagers have landed themselves in a heap of trouble. After finding out they made holes in each dimension they’ve jumped, they realize their fatal mistake. The dimensions quickly collide and throw all the events on the timeline into shambles. Things that were never supposed to happen, begin to brew on the horizon. They didn’t think it was completely irreversible until they realized they’d collided over 50 dimensions, causing the relationship of two goddesses, to sever. The goddesses of Light and Dark, suddenly begin to hate each other’s guts, putting the planet of Esentania at risk. Without them working together, the entire planet will fall apart and remain as only a memory. Lucius punishes both of the girls and tells them they're on borrowed time, and they must fix this mess. And if they don’t, their planet will cease to exist. And so will they. But not any average kids can jump dimensions. Just who the hell are you really?