Charmix Dubs - Winx Club Fandub


-Charmix Dubs Project is based on dubbing various Scenes from Episodes, as well as full Movies, from the Italian Animated Show Winx Club.

-The Project is created, hosted and organized by GeorgeETN (Known under the name MissETN Dubs on YouTube).

-Cast Members part of the Season 1 Scenes are: DoubleMew, MinaVenus22ShirleyJackieOnMarsRoxy DrawzzOwarnHungarianMockingjayMario Dante, Jim CodyYumaA Pixie's WhisperDreamySunshine, Millicent Basler, Sally Basler, Sean Trotta, Azayth, CurryKumar, Maggie Watson and Joaco.

-Songs for the project are performed by Joaco, JackieOnMars and Roxy Dubs; Song Mix is done by Joaco.

-We hope you enjoy our work ❤