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What are the key points for women in their 40s when choosing a facial device?

When choosing a facial device, ease of use is an important factor. If the device is too large and time-consuming to prepare, or if it is too difficult to use, it is likely that women will gradually stop using it.

Another important point is that it can solve the problems that many women in their 40s suffer from, such as lethargy, looseness around the eyes and mouth, dryness, and lack of elasticity. It's also a good idea to have a product that can be shared with your family and your daughters and your father.

Popular facial products for people in their 40s

Here is a list of popular facial equipment recommended for people in their 40s! We'll be introducing everything from multi-functional facial equipment to steamer facial equipment and facial rollers, so be sure to take a look.

3D Mask Type EMS Facial Machine Medilift

This is a wearable facial device that thoroughly approaches the lower half of the face, which determines your impression. It uses medical silicone, which is also used in medicine, to lift the skin while stimulating the facial muscles with its unique EMS waveform. By training and stretching the facial muscles with pinpoint accuracy, it will lead you to your ideal face. All you have to do is wear it for 10 minutes every day, so it's easy to continue!


This is an iron-type facial care device that is popular in Korea. Based on the new concept of an "iron for your skin," the triangular shape of the iron applies pressure evenly to the skin to "stretch and care" for areas of concern from the face to the body. It does not use a strong electric current like EMS, but instead uses 42 degrees Celsius heat and 300 sonic vibrations per second for gentle and comfortable care. It can be used not only on the face but also on the whole body, so it can be used after bathing to reduce swelling of the feet.

The regular price of SKIN IRON from Korea is 114,400 yen, but you can try it for only 3,278 yen per month (tax included), paid in 24 installments! And now, with the coupon, the price is only 2,360 yen (tax included). If you want esthetic-level care at home! This is the perfect opportunity to try it out.

L&L Skin MIO2 Face Massager

In addition to the esthetic concept of deep RF heating, this popular facial lift massager machine has five modes, including cleansing, introduction, facial muscle tightening, and photo care, to address the various concerns of aging skin. It is also great that it can be used together with your own serums and face masks. Many makeup artists also use this product.

RF Facial Machine EH-SR72

A facial machine that gently warms the skin with RF to give it a firm feeling, and beautifully tightens the skin with ultrasonic vibration. It adheres firmly to the skin and quickly lifts up and cares for areas of concern such as loose skin around the cheeks and mouth. You only need to select the vibration rhythm and warmth level to use it, so it doesn't take much time to prepare.