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Why should you study psychology?

For yourself.  The study of psychology, firstly, is aimed at getting to know oneself - self-knowledge, to understand one's hidden qualities, to clarify one's own strange behaviours and emotions open to all. Secondly, to understand their assignments, abilities, motives to live in accordance with them and finally enjoy daily life. Thirdly, the study of psychology is useful in that it helps to be honest with himself. And bravely answer the question Why am I ... and then you can substitute different endings, e.g. ... upset, ... laughed (one), ... angry, ... pensive, ... discouraged, ... open-mouthed, ... crying, ... activated, ... cheered up, etc., etc.

Is it possible to do it alone? You can, but it is very difficult and very time-consuming. It is much easier, funnier, more interesting and quicker to do it in a group of seekers of self-truth.And, last, or maybe penultimate, and last you will put yourself. Studying psychology gives you confidence. And confidence is not external, often temporary, which can be worked out in special training, although it often looks like self-confidence. You will gain inner confidence, which gives spontaneity in your behaviour, thinking and expression of emotions.

For families. Studying psychology is useful for improving family relationships. Studying the psychology of child development, you willy-nilly remember your childhood, children's behavior and emotions become clear, you get to enjoy your childhood, because it is never too late to have a happy childhood, although sometimes it seems that not, by understanding child psychology you will realize that the bad just seem. By dealing with gender psychology, you will begin to understand the difference in behaviour and thinking between men and women. Eventually, you will become more tolerant towards your family and friends. All the tensions in family relationships are made up of misunderstandings, mistrust of yourself and others. It can be scary to say something, to understand something, to trust yourself and the other. And in this there is a lot of potential and just a lot of joy for family relations.

For work. Work is a good thing and we spend a lot of time at work. And if one understands the simple truth that one does not want to work and is not created to work, then one's attitude towards work has to change. Studying psychology helps to understand your individual abilities and match them with the requirements of the job you have taken. It is never too late to change something: either your job or your attitude to it. Finding your place in this life is everyone's sacred responsibility.Through the study of psychology, you will gain real, earned rights to manage your life.