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Mastering How to Speak

As with any profession or trade, it takes time for people to master their craft; voice acting included. A weekend seminar at a famous studio or a weeklong boot camp with a voice coach may be cool, but it probably won't increase your abilities to the point of landing loads of voice gigs. That's why we designed this course with the goal of making sure students see tangible improvements in not just acting, but speaking as a whole.

VA101 is designed to teach students about their vocal instrument and how to play it. Starting out from the basics and diving deep into understanding the different parts, how to control them, and how to train them to ensure its longevity. You will learn about your Voicebox, your articulators, posture, warmup and breathing techniques, consonants, plosives, sibilance, natural articulation, handling a lisp, mic techniques, and so much more!

The best part? This is a live interactive class with a maximum class size of 30 students. The cost for the full 12 classes is $300 [$275 UNTIL FEB 14th]. That's $25 per session, cheaper (and cooler) than any tutor.

Class Schedule

Classes will be held weekly at the same time. After your application is approved, you can choose your class time when you enroll. YOU CAN ONLY CHOOSE ONE TIME BLOCK.

Classes start March 4th

Meet Your Instructors

Debbie Munro


Over 27 yrs in Voice Acting, Award winning talent Deb Munro (VO Chef Deb) is world renowned in the online world of Voice. Known best for her role in Dragon Ball/Dragon Ball GT, Never Winter Nights, Gundarr, Pirates of the Caribbean, Benjamin Bluemchen (Benjamin the Elephant), BusyTown, Several Video Games, Apps, Talking Toys and more, Deb is a natural character who loves to share what she knows with others. Primarily working from home for her entire career, Deb is a full time professional and absolutely loves what she does.

Deb has been teaching for over 20 years. Her methods have helped her students have successful careers and voice for companies like Tommy Hilfiger, Barbie, M&M’s, Pizza Hut, Dominos, American Greetings, GORE Apparel, and Big Fish Games.

John Wang

John Wang is a 10 year production veteran, a voice coach, casting and dialogue director, and voice actor. With indepth knowledge on both sides of the window and behind the scenes, his work can be found on major networks such as NBC, CCTV, BTV, and Discovery as well as dozens of video games, corporate videos, and commercials.

Fluent in English, Japanese, and Chinese, John currently direct talents across the world for various major brands and corporations. With partner studios in Beijing and Tokyo, some of his clients include Google, Microsoft, Nike, Mitsubishi, and United Airlines.

He is the founder and CEO of Voicedubz Studios.


Brendan Hunter


While Brendan Hunter has worked on several notable live action projects, he is best known for his many English-Version Anime roles. With classic roles on programs such as Dragonball, Dragonball GT, Cardfight! Vanguard, LBX, and others like Hunter x Hunter, etc. Video games include the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise and others like Mega Man: Powered Up, Order & Chaos and LBX for Nintendo. Since 2003 he’s been voicing the battle between good and evil in many forms, sometimes even rooting for evil. Currently appearing on Ladies vs. Butlers, LBX, Futurecard Buddyfight, and Cardfight! Vanguard and on TV, Film, Radio and online pieces the world over.

Brendan has been an acting and voice coach for over 10 years in the studio.



There is a strong emphasis on speech in this class, with focus on breathing, pause, pronunciation, annunciation, and being comfortable in your own voice. Each week will cover a different topic, with classroom activities and discussion being the highlights of the class.


Your voice is a muscle that you flex with your breath. Without proper stamina, voice work becomes more difficult and less fun. You begin to slur your words or feel dizzy. We'll teach you proper techniques with lip trill, rapid breaths and gasp in order grow your muscle.


Often overlooked, reading is one of the most important parts of life success. Being able to read aloud well helps you look more confident in front of others, more professional, and greatly improves your empathy when relating with people, which not only makes you a better actor, but a better human.


We will create opportunities for you to connect with amazing people.


As a student, you are entitled to attend all of the CCC seminars for free.

Preview: Inflection (Anger)

Preview: Gestures

Preview: Energy

Preview: Nasal Sounds







Minimum Qualifications

Voice Acting 101 especially designed to level the playing field so that everyone comes into VA201 with a disciplined foundation. There are no prerequisites for this class.

Some social proof from current Casting Call Club members

Random Emails I Get

"Buford, honestly thank you so much for creating CCC and the classes. This site is spectacular. Not only can you audition and practice, but it is free! I'm so glad you decided to make this amazing website. Also, the classes are so helpful, and I met so many great people!! Thank you so much!"

"You've done a fantastic job with this site. I'm glad I found it when I did because it very well could have changed my life for the better."

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"Casting Call Club has done a great job of demystifying an area that is kind of hard to get into, whether as a hobby or a career. Having already taken the VA101 class, it'd be pretty neat to have more focused and specified classes available for a detailed look at specific aspects of the VO field. Good work, and thanks for the opportunities!"

"Thanks for all your hard work =) I think becoming a well rounded voiceover artist includes acting, recording/editing, and marketing, so focusing classes on each of these would be beneficial"

"I hope this site becomes a juggernaut that competes with the likes of sites like Voices and Voice123, because it opens the door for new and fresh talent, while still allowing experienced creators to continue to find success. However it doesn’t force you to pay for the change to audition, unlike those other sites, which I appreciate about CCC."

"When I first started, I signed up to audition for one specific role. A year later, in the present, I’m working on my own project, to which I hope it goes far. The time I have spent so far in CCC has really been amazing and has excited me since day one. Thank you so much :)"

"For having started CCC three years ago, I believe you are heading in the right direction. The website itself is very accessible and user friendly, and having the option of classes has been a huge help for me since I was trying to find a way to learn voice acting. After having taken VA 101, my skills have made a noticeable improvement, and I have actually gain more confidence whenever I talk or record audio (I don't stutter or stumble over my words as much as I used to). You are doing something good here for countless people and I hope that you continue this good work. "

"Thank you for offering these awesome classes!"

"Can't wait. This will prepare me for America in 3 years"

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"Thank you for making CCC!! Acting is my passion and my dream career and I'm gaining so much experience and hope to attend one of these classes next year!!"

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