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Program Overview

Casting Call Club is proud to present our full Voice Acting course.

Meticulously designed by professional voice actors, veteran producers, speech experts, and seasoned professors, we are boldly claiming this as the most in-depth voice acting course on the internet!

The students will venture through four courses: Voice Acting 101 - 401, each paid separately. This way, the students are able to take a break within courses and continue again at their own pace. The best part? Coming to class won't be a hassle. Each course will be served online and can be accessed directly from Casting Call Club through video call.

With our small class sizes, students will have the opportunity for tailored interactive learning with their instructor and other admitted students.

Voice Acting 101

Mastering How To Speak

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In this course, students will be trained in the basics of voiceover. They will be given individual and group exercises, designed to help them better project their voice and build the required muscles for clear enunciation. Students will also learn to break the ice, gain confidence to voice, and obtain the correct mindset to succeed as a professional voice actor.

Voice Acting 201

Mastering How To Emote

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Building on the fundamentals learned in VA101, this course aims to pull the necessary emotions of Happiness, Anger, Sadness, Disgust, and Fear out of each student. Students are encouraged to over exaggerate each emotion initially and then, through directed script reading, learn to control these emotions. In this course the students will have the opportunity to listen and react to other actors as well.

Prerequisites: VA101 or university speech credit.

Voice Acting 301

Areas of VoiceOver

As VA301 begins, students will practice an array of different scripts under live directions of the instructor. Genres will be introduced, ranging from narration, commercial, video games, animation, and live broadcasting. It is in this course where students will be able to identify their area of strength and weakness.

Enrollment open in mid 2019.
Prerequisites: VA201

Voice Acting 401

Specializing and Studio Practice

As the final course comes to view, students will be choosing an area of focus and practicing scripts catered to their strengths from VA301. The class sizes are much smaller, giving the ability for students to have a more personal course with their instructor.

Enrollment open in late 2019.
Prerequisites: VA301