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Greetings and salutations, I am Emily or Emi Leigh! [Em-E-Lay], I am transgender (Male to Female) although I use my male sounding voice for my roles at the moment. I am mostly doing voice acting as a hobby while I work on my real passion of audio design and film creation.

Oh yo' I am the Ex-Graphic Designer for Casting Call Club and I helped launch C3TV so That's pretty sweet.

Line Submissions

Generally I return lines within a 1-8 days. However if you let me know you need them sooner then I shall send them in a much quicker time frame. I render my audio out in 32Bit WAV files as a singular mass file.  If it is too large I will archive it in a RAR file for maximum safe compression.

Programs and equipment
While I know there is a specific area for this, it is very untouched.I currently am equipped with an Audio-Technica, ATR-2020 XLR and a Behringer MCU22 and I use Audacity and FL Studios for mixing my audio. I've used Reaper, Audition and Mixcraft in the past and none of them worked as well for me as Audacity and FL so I tend to stick with that.

Vocal Range
About my range for singing, I am actually not quite sure. People have told me before I was a baritone and all I know is that I can go from C4 to C6 whatever that means.

However for voice acting my range goes pretty far. I think I am most known for my Monokuma voice from Danganronpa which is a high growly voice. However I have also done roles requiring deep registers. I can yell, I can be soft, I can be hick and I can be your aussie sweetheart. Whatever direction is called for, I am open to making myself sound like.

Closing Statement
I am a very flexible VA and open to direction and stylistic choices. I am loyal to my crews and only ever audition for things I actually want to do. My setup is somewhat amateur but better than your standard starting VA. Please listen to my demos and auditions to decide if I am worthy of being cast.

Thank you for reading this and have a wonderful day.OG EmiLeah by xEmiLeahx


(OPTIONAL - I am not looking for this to be a source of income but if you want to pay me that is fine, I won't argue)

Base fee of 35 Cents per line.

50 Lines = $17.50
100 Lines = $35.00
200 Lines = $70.00
599 Lines = $175.00
1,000 Lines = $350.00

It may seem a lot as it scales over time but it is rare for scripts to have over 100 lines for a single character.



RWBYCast - Featherfall Studios (Ongoing)

This Week On Casting Call Club - Casting Call Club (Retired)
Apollo Radio - DJ EmiLeah (Retired)
Personality Corp Podcast - Featherfall Studios (Retired)

Guest Spots:
RT LGBTQ-Community PrideCast - Pride Cast (Guest)
NoHoovesBarred - Guest (Guest)


The String (Animation) - Featherfall Studios
The Skeleton Crew - Featherfall Studios
The Vinyl Scratch Tapes - Featherfall Studios
Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Fandub - Sonora  (Assistant Director) (4 Months)


Personality Corp Podcast - Featherfall Studios
RWBYCast - Featherfall Studios
Chiptuned - Featherfall Studios

Fran Bow: The English Dub- Featherfall Studios
Stray Cat Crossing - The English Dub - Featherfall Studios
Girls Night - Featherfall Studios
Angel Beats Fandub - Featherfall Studios


The Skeleton Crew (3 Episode) - Featherfall Studios
Cartoon Insight (2 Episode) - Featherfall Studios
The Vinyl Scratch Tapes (4 Episodes) - Featherfall Studios

Rise of the Lunar Republic (5 Episodes) - Featherfall Studios

Mix up Mondays: Monokuma Theaters (3 Episodes) - Sonora

Movie/Short Film:
The String: The Story of How I met my Soulmate (English Dub) (Animation) - Featherfall Studios
The String : A Year Later (English Dub) (Animation) - Featherfall Studios

Battle Of The Classes - Sonora 


Casting Call Club - Graphic Designer, Thumbnail Artist & Promotional artist
Featherfall Studios - Graphic Designer (Logo's), Thumbnail Artist & Concept Artist
Sonora Productions - Graphic Designer (Logo) & Concept Artist
Apartment Complex - Graphic Designer (Logo's)
Angel Beats Fandub - Graphic Designer (Logo)
JohnnyFireFlame - Graphic Designer (Logo)
The String 1 & 2 - Graphic Translation
Entropy - Character Design
Steve The Bear Guy - Character Design
NeighratorPony - Traditional Artist (Character Design)


The Lavender Ladies Podcast - Lavender Ladies Podcast - Scarlet
Stray Cat Crossing: The English Dub - Featherfall Studios - Babyface Taller
Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Fandub - Sonora Productions - Monokuma
Danganronpa: AF Ultra Despair Girls - Sonora Productions - Monokuma

The Skeleton Crew - Featherfall Studios - Agent Burns
The Vinyl Scratch Tapes - Featherfall Studios - Inter Calm

The Library - Apartment Complex - Mr. Dean


Avatar: The Last Airbender (Fandub) - Frisk - Appa
Danganronpa: AF Ultra Despair Girls - Sonora Productions - Test Monokuma

Austraeoh - Horizon Studios - Shadow Ponies & Hydra


Crossing Fields Cover - Kagehana - Male Duet Partner
The Basic Pitches - 3 Songs
Misfits In Collaboration - 2 Songs
Hamilton: An American Musical (Fan Cover) - Kupcake25 - Alexander Hamilton

Hamilton: An Online Musical  - Avav - Alexander Hamilton
Hamilton: Genderswapped Musical  - Apartment Complex - Angelo Schuyler
Notorious B.E.A.R Album (12 songs) - Sonora Productions -

Monokuma VS Caliborn - Viv's DF Rap Battles - Monokuma
Youtube Idol Season 5 - P4Shows - Judge

Winner of the Casting Call Club Creative Contest Month of December


"EmiLeah is both a reliable VA, and
good to work with. Willing to assist with more than just doing lines
when their schedule allows it, they're an asset worth having.

In addition to working alongside them, I also submitted lines for
them for a project they're running, and working for them was a simple
and smooth process.

I would be happy to find myself in more projects with them all the time."

- HavenSplendor, Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Fandub

"Emileah worked hard to produce the best quality
voice clips for my radio station, when asked, no questions asked. He's a
good and hard worker, and would recommend 10/10."

- Pineapple FM/Apollo FM

"Emi is such an awesome project manager and a great
voice actress. I've worked with her on a couple projects and I love the
way that she handles her projects. Her dedication shines through
everything that she does, and she always gives 110% every time she
works. She's so clear and concise and knows exactly what she wants and
works so hard to get that, and that's the most admirable trait that I
can really think of for any kind of work. Emi's always reliable and
understanding, and works with you whenever you need help or have
questions you need answered. She's a great leader and a great person to
have on your team in any way, shape, or form. I can't recommend working
with Emi enough!"

- Know-Your-Paradoxes, Fran Bow Fandub

"Emi is an incredibly skilled worker, with audio
knowledge, graphic arts, working with technology, and all around
excellent acting skills. I would definitely recommend working with such a
talented individual, and would like to work with them in the future as

- Gabi, Apartment Complex

Casting Calls and Auditons

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