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About This Character

Example lines said by Zero Kiryu:
  • (Normal tone) So? Is Maria Kurenai related to that woman?
  • (Slowly) Shizuka...Hio.
  • Yuuki, I...I only desired your blood, Yuuki...I want it so much that it's unbearable to the point that unless I drank from you until the very limits of your life, I wouldn't be satisfied...such a disgusting, gluttonous greed...that is...the type of creature I am isn't it...?
  • You heard it too? The sound of your blood being sucked in by me. After such a hair-raising experience you can't act as if nothing has changed. So don't interfere anymore.
  • Listen up, brats! Get the hell back to your dorms! Why do I have to deal with you running around screaming Kyaa! Kyaa! every damn day?! Why?!
  • *Agitated*: Yuki, go and grab a rope!
  • *Melancholy*: I'm a vampire Yuki and I don't know what to do.
  • *Proud*: I...A PROUD VAMPIRE HUNTER!!!
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