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About This Character

Example lines said by Zabuza Momochi:
  • When you've hovered between life and death so many times that it doesn't faze you, you may be called a ninja. When you've become so deadly that your profile has been entered into my bingo book, then you may have earned the title ninja
  • Shut up kid, Haku's already dead As I was used by Gato, I used Haku. That was all. I've said it already in the world of shinobi, there are only those who use and those whom are used. We shinobi are simply tools what I wanted was his blood, not him I have no regrets.
  • Uh uh I won't be joining Haku. Where he's gone I cannot follow. We wouldn't be welcome where Haku's gone to. Hell's where we're going, Gato!
  • Name is Zabuza momochi and I am gonna chop you up into bits and pieces.
  • The buster sword ain't got **** on my blade!
  • Haku for the last time I was drunk so no you can not sleep in my bed again.
  • (Angry) When I was your age, my hands were already soaked in blood...(sudden realization) Or ketchup, probably just looootss of ketchup.
  • (carefully) All I have to do is keep my eyes closed, and his sharingan has no effect- (opens his eyes) OH JEEZ!
  • (angry) Even the unremarkable Demon of the Hidden Mist can die and become a real Demon in hell... (excited) Oh just imagine, I wonder if Satan's a nice guy!
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