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About This Character

Example lines said by Yotsuya:
  • (Cheerful yet slightly tipsy) Hello there young Godai, what a marvelous night for a drink or two! Or several heh heh

    (Waxing Poetic Tone) Lost angry child, wounded and wild, seeking the blood of a rival? Or perhaps you are a young romantic whom seeks the power of love?
  • (Slightly annoyed) It appears your rather lacking in manners young Kentaro.

    (Calm and Non-Chalant) Splendid, but I suppose I have had enough benevolence for one day, shall we begin our daily alcoholism Genma?
  • (Smug and Facetious tone) Oh I understand your concern young Ranma, but I can assure you its unnecessary as the only drink I have to offer is some nice cold mountain spring water. I can assure you Genma that it can bring out your beastly side, but not too worry Ranma I know that you wouldn't want any. After all such a beverage has a tendency to bring out your more feminine side young Ranma

    (Cheerful but smug tone) Thank you for your patronage ladies
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