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About This Character

Example lines said by William T. Spears:
  • (Sing a part of Shinigami Dispatch Society)
  • Today's musical is Kuroshitsuji: The Most Beautiful Death in the World, A Thousand Souls and the Fallen Shinigami. Thank you very much for your arrival. I am William T. Spears from the Shinigami Dispatch Society's Management Department. Dear visitors, please keep in mind that it is prohibited to take pictures and to record in any form. The use of mobile devices with cameras are also strictly prohibited. Because mobile devices, digital watches, and reading text messages might disturb other guests, we kindly ask for your cooperation and to switch off all your electronic devices. Please do not just switch it to silent mode. Eating, drinking, and smoking are also strictly prohibited, so please, do this only at the designated places outside the building. During the performance, all of the lights, including the emergency exit lights, shall be turned off. In case of emergency, please remain calm and follow the staff's instructions to evacuate. The performance will start soon, so please sit down quickly. Harsh and merciless measures will be taken if there are human beings not seated during the performance. Honestly...
  • Human beings dieing in great numbers while there were no designated deaths... Handing such an exceptional case over to someone like him was a major blunder.
  • Patience is a virtue, Ciel. A virtue I see you still have not learned.
  • Unfortunately we didn't get that far on account of this happening.Otherwise we would have tracked and killed a demon the following week.
  • You sword, your father's sword, Was forged in Heaven and handed down by the Archangel himself. This means that the weapon is connected to you on a spiritual level and lacking a better explanation, it is a part of your bloodline and therefore an extension of you.
  • Patience is a virtue, Ciel. A virtue I see you still have not learned
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