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About This Character

Example lines said by Wesley J. Coolridge:
  • *calming* Not to worry. He just fainted. I'll make sure he gets back home safely.
  • *polite* I'm Keiichiro Akasaka.
    *serious* The fate of the planet is in their hands, Ryou...
  • *content/happy* I guess I should start making the tea.
  • The preparations are almost complete... The Earth's future... will soon change.
  • Don't worry... We're not your enemies. We'll explain everything to you soon. And him, he'll be alright. He... just fainted. I will be responsible for sending him home.
  • My name is Wesley J. Coolridge. Pleased to meet you. Elliot, this charming lady will not be pleased with your behavior. It'll be a great honor to escort the lady.... I'm at your service.
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