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About This Character

Example lines said by Wasp / Janet Pym:
  • Oh, please. Two cappuccinos and a look around some shops is hardly grounds for divorce these days. You're not in nineteen forty-five anymore, buster. You know, you really crack me up, Mister Captain America...I mean, here you are, all cheekbones and six-pack like some kind of Calvin Klein model, but the second you open your mouth you sound as ancient as my dear, old grand dad.
  • I should have known better. I kew he'd had a breakdown once before, when his first wife was killed...knew he'd been under strain. But I was young, and in love, and I knew he really loved me, so what did it matter? I didn't think how it would affect him. He always said he was glad, but what message did I send? That I wanted him to be someone else? How much of what came afterward could have been avoided if I hadn't reinforced his insecurities, taken advantage of him like that...?
  • I still lead this team, Cap. You messed up with your whole Panther charade. I needed you back in New York City...and you were nowhere to be found. Hank rose to the occasion. He's earned a place in the Avengers. You don't like it...find another team!
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