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About This Character

Example lines said by Uzu Sanageyama:
  • Front and behind mean nothing to me now. Thanks to my eyes being sewn shut, I can now sense the world in its entirety. I only came to thank you for giving me a fresh start!
  • (Fiercely) Watch closely what happens when you force a man to change! I have found my resolve, and now I will defeat you with my Blade Regalia!! MEN! DOU! KOTE!!
  • (Irritated) Don't give me that Kanto monkey crap, you failed to stop Matoi as well! You're in no position to be insulting anyone, you pink pipsqueak.
  • I lost.
  • I guess she got used to standing on high places.
  • Gah! Matoi called me senpai!
  • Wait, are you saying you like me?
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