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About This Character

Example lines said by Ushio Okazaki:
  • [Depressed] There's only one. It's the one you chose and bought for me. First thing from Daddy.
  • [Sad] I want you to be with me. But today, I lost an important thing, so I'm sad.
  • [almost crying] Daddy? You know... Is it all right not to hold it in anymore?
  • ( innocently, softly ) Daddy? I wanna go on a trip with you. B-but. I wanna go now. ( sadly ) I-I wanna go to the field of flowers right now. ( softly innocently, determined ) Its gotta be now.
  • ( weakly ) D-daddy? Did we make it?
  • Did we... make it? Are we on the train yet?
  • But that's the one you picked out. That was the robot you bought me. That was the first time...Daddy...
  • But...But I'm still sad that I lost something I can't give back...(Pause) Daddy? Um...I don't...I don't have to hold it in anymore right? Just like you said on the train? Right? 'Cause Sanae she...she told me the only times I can cry are when I'm in the bathroom...or when I'm in Daddy's arms..
  • I want Sanae...
  • I wanna go on a trip.
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