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About This Character

Example lines said by Uryu Ishida:
  • (Say whatever you like testing your vocals)
  • *sarcastic* well im not a pixie if that's what your asking.
  • *Friendly/cocky* Well, if you are going hollow hunting guess I will have to 1 up ya.
  • Where were you, Ichigo?? This is your house, so you should be the one decorating it!
  • There is no way you're going to get me into a Santa costume, Orihime! No way! Not for a million bucks! Nuh-uh, noooooo way!
  • Chad? You didn't have to......OH MY GOD!! I......I.........[he becomes broken, unable to say anything that makes sense, basically becoming another person]
  • Professional work only.
  • Sorry, no fandubs.
  • USB mics, am I right?!
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