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About This Character

Example lines said by Tsunade:
  • Youre saying that Akatsuki members that were reported dead have attacked? How on Earth is that possible?
  • Im not sure if it was just a threat, or for some other purpose.
  • Alright. And we still have that body part, right? Take a biopsy and compare it immediately!
  • Jiraiya....What were you thinking? You went and taught this kid the Rasengan? What's the point in teaching it to someone who can never master it? Giving him false hopes like that, filling his head with stupid ideas. Making him think he could ACTUALLY become hokage someday.
  • Now I see....he made the clone to gather up his chakra....ingenius!
  • I finally remembered something......I've been chosen...as the 5th Hokage of the Leaf Village!
  • I'm am Tsunade, welcome to the Hidden Leaf Village.
  • Quite Fooling Around!
  • Ok then, Does anyone have a lighter
  • Wow jiraya, you raised a fine ninja.... Sike that's the wrong ninja!!!!
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