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About This Character

Example lines said by Thomas Wayne:
  • I can't believe you insisted on sitting through that movie again, Bruce. Come on, we'll be late for Alfred.
  • Why couldn't you save us, son
  • The last will and testament of the deceased Thomas Wayne: In the event of my death, I hereby declare that all my worldly possesions pass to my son, Bruce Wayne. Bruce, I ask that you honor the Wayne family legacy. And commit yourself to the improvement of Gotham City, its institutions, and its citizens. Please, be strong. You are young, but destined for great things. Make the most of your opportunities. Use them to give back to a city that has given us so much. To change the lives of millions of people. Do not be frivolous with this wealth. Please, do not waste it all on fast cars and outrageous clothes. And the pursuit of a destructive lifestyle. Invest in Gotham. Treat its people like family. Watch over them and use this money to safeguard them from forces beyond their control. My deepest regret is I will not see you grow into the good man I know you will become. And finally my son, I ask that you never abandon the city to fate. We have lived through dark days, and no doubt there are more to come. But it is the good and great men that stand up for Gotham when others turn and run. In death, I will love you forever. Your father, Thomas.
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