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About This Character

Example lines said by Taniguchi:
  • You need to loosen up, Kyon, seriously
  • Kunikida and I are going to go pick up some chicks, OK?
  • *sighs* Whatever
  • Hey, Kyon. You need to tell me what kind of magic spell you're using!
  • I have never seen Suzumiya talk that long before, and I'm not exaggerating, man! What the hell'd you say to her?
  • This is a phenomenon.
  • (to Tsuruya) Hello there, my name's Taniguchi. It's a pleasure to meet you!
  • So yeaaaahhhh, when he asked me I just couldn't turn down my good buddy Kyon.
  • (determined) I'm going to knock this one right out of the park!
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