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About This Character

Example lines said by Tai Kamiya:
  • Matt you need to get new some clothes maybe all black one side with no sleeve and giant sword and a shoulder.
  • What the F*ck are you
  • Digimon sounds like a rip off of pokemon
  • That's home. Planet Earth. But I'm not sure that's where I am right now.
  • And this little kid is Izzy. He should have gone to computer camp.
  • Forget the instructions, surf's up!
  • Koushiro! Come out and look at this!
  • In any case you seem stronger than before. Are you still a Digital Monster even after you've evolved?
  • That's fine and all... but none of us have any real idea where to go!
  • [impressed] Oh my god we are INSIDE a tree this is AWESOME!
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