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About This Character

Example lines said by Stargirl:
  • ever since....stripe passed... I'm just not the same
  • that man will pay
  • Powergirl.. Step back, I am not going to deal with you right now
  • No offense, but I don't see History 101 here as being real useful to me. I'd rather be out kicking butt, y'know?
  • Well, your no darknight, but, I guess your okay.
  • Hi, the names Courtney, nice to be apart of the team.
  • Oh, I'm Stargirl. I'm with the Justice League-- at least I think it's the Justice League.
  • I wanted to be a real hero... I wanted to be more than a teenybopper pinup. Well this is it. This is my chance.
  • Martian Manhunter and I went through so much together. I can still feel him in my head... a psychic connection... like a tether.
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