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About This Character

Example lines said by Spider-Man / Peter Parker:
  • You can't say I love New York. Tourists can love New York. Me? Who grew up here? Who's lived here my whole life, who's crawled over every stone and swung off every cornice...I AM New York. It's in me, in my blood, like a disease...you know, like a blood disease but a good one, like a happy...cancer...so clearly I was not bitten by a radioactive poet. But you get what I'm saying. When you're part of a greater whole...when you're enmeshed...you know when something's coming.(Nightcrawler suddenly teleports in front of Spider-Man) Most of the time. (Iceman slides behind Spider-man) Some of the time. (Spider-man is blown off by a strong gust of wind) Forget it.
  • Dear Peter Parker- You stink. Sincerely, Peter Parker. Let's recap shall we? They spanked you electrocuted you, broke your web shooter, yanked off your mask, and tossed you out of the window of a skyscraper. And I was only in there for thirty seconds!
  • Oh wait. I know why. It's because I run a criminal empire and cloak it in charity work and quote unquote legitimate businesses and try to sell myself as something I'm not. No wait wait, that's you.
  • Ooookay. Everyone get off the streets, get someplace safe.
  • It's okay. You can breath, I got ya...
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