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About This Character

Example lines said by Soun Tendo:
  • (Calm Introduction) Good afternoon, my name is Soun Tendo and my family and I are seeing if we can move in one of the rooms here in this fine establishment. May I please speak with the manager of this place?

    (Slightly melancholic but still hopeful) Yes with all due respect Manager but things like this are why my family had to move from my rather large house to here. But to be fair we did get to meet some new and interesting people such as you so I suppose its not all bad.
  • (Friendly to slightly embarassed) Greetings I am Soun Tendo, this is my eldest daughter Kasumi Tendo and this young lady here is the new manager of Maison Ikkoku Kyoko Otonashi, and that gentleman over there is Genma Saotome.

    (Startled but tries to regain his composure) AH! How in the Oh uh yes uh good evening Mr. Yotsuya, to what do I owe the pleasure of this visit?
  • (Calm and Rational) Now Ranma lets not start jumping to conclusions here, it's too soon to tell what kind of motive Yotsuya has, that is if he even has one.

    (Calmly but firmly scolding Nabiki) Now Nabiki lets not make this situation any more tense then it needs to be as I have said before we still don't know if Yotsuya is actually up to something so lets calm down.
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