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About This Character

Example lines said by Soul Eater Evans:
  • Not cool!
  • Hey, Black*Star! Cool it!
  • Would ya just tell him already?
  • A symbol rises to the surface
    Of the crimson sweetness that I had submerged it deep within. (1.29)
  • Fairy blue
    you are my everything
    The reason I go on
    In this captivity,
    If you raise your voice and call for me
    I will find you, my dear
    Wherever you may be
    And I will be sure to set you free from this ensnaring curse. (2.05)
  • If you forget your fear, you become reckless. (informative, somewhat condescending)
  • No... It's not like that with Maka. (informative, slightly agitated)
  • Maka! I am your weapon! That means that I'm willing to die for you! (angry)
  • Why would I go out with a flat chest like her?
  • Cool men don't cheat.
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