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About This Character

Example lines said by Sosuke Aizen:
  • Sing a verse of What's This.
  • (Make your own Christmas line)
  • I would like to propose a temporary Christmas truce.
  • How unfortunate! You found her? Pardon me. It wasn't my intention to traumatize you. Before you could have noticed, I should have chopped her into unrecognizable pieces.
  • Cruel? Once a soul has become a Hollow, it holds no meaning. It is a being with no purpose beyond idly consuming its fellow souls. Where do you see cruelty in my giving purpose to such a being? Surely the true act of cruelty was your tearing that soul to pieces.
  • Fear is necessary to achieve evolution. The fear that, in one's current state, one could quite possibly be destroyed at any time. I thank you, Gin. It is thanks to your presence that I have finally succeeded in surpassing both Shinigami and Hollows.
  • I need to take care of a few things, so I thought I would bring you two along.
  • I didnt come to stop you. He might just be worthy enough to serve me.
  • Think of it as an exchange. I have no need for Gin Ichimaru anymore. He has failed me. Ichigo Kurosaki is mine.
  • I want to be more then just this. I WANT TO BE GOD!
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