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About This Character

Example lines said by Sinon / Shino Asada:
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  • (sigh) Remind me why I have to put up with this again? [irritated and questioning. Mostly disintrested]
  • POINT BLANK!! [Yelling Confident with a evil smile]
  • They don't pay me well Enough... [acting like it's a drag]
  • This pressure... This unease... This terror... 1,500 meters? That's like tossing a wad of paper into the trash. Right. Right... Compared to that time... (Collected, deep in thought, concentrating)
  • But-How? These bikes are impossibly hard to control, and you're still a new player! (Surprised, but more so in flustered awe)
  • (Again, pick a monologue of any length and style. Your choice. Then include battle noises, though fewer may be needed for this character)
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